Desire Lines

Desire Lines is a night maraud through 80’s/90s London Streets. This is a scary and sultry London where men are out for what they can get and women carry knives in their eyes. Desperate and convincing. I was riveted from start to finish. Wow. Julia Webb, The Telling (Nine Arches Press)

A fresh chronicling of wandering. Desire Lines is both testament and testimony to people, times and places where memorialisation flows in writing. This extraordinary book recalibrates the reader’s pulses through Mookherjee’s sheer brilliance in capturing what it means to return to people and place in writing. Yousif M. Qasmiyeh, Writing the Camp (Broken Sleep Books).

Desire Lines is a tour de force, a kind of love letter to London; energetic, sassy, gritty, addictive, it revels in a profusion of details and geographical locations, in transcendence and in dirt, Mookherjee’s work captures what’s essential and fleeting about London. Jemma Borg, Wilder (Pavillion Press).

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